We can finally tell you that our life will hopefully change to become even better in 2018. We have been planning this for some time and it is the biggest reason why our 2017 were all about taking steps to become as free as we can be in an unfree world.

2018 couldn’t start better for us, it is the year that we now can say that we are no longer two persons that are traveling the world, but three! We are happy to announce that we are now carrying precious cargo in the form of a new life with us.

Vi kan äntligen berätta för er att vårt liv förhoppningsvis kommer att förändras till att bli ännu bättre under 2018. Vi har planerat det här under en tid och det är en stor anledning till varför vårt 2017 handlade om att vidta åtgärder för att bli så fria som vi kan i en ofri värld.

2018 kunde inte börja bättre för oss, det här är året som vi nu kan säga att vi inte längre är två personer som reser runt i världen, utan tre! Vi är glada att meddela att vi nu bär på dyrbar last i form av ett nytt liv med oss.

The secret we’ve carried for the last months can finally be revealed. We are brewing a new life, ingredients are our DNA and our mission is to grow our next generation to be free in an unfree world.

Ulrika woke up on Boxing day morning and knew that she was pregnant, but didn’t say anything to Pontus. All the pharmacies in Paphos were closed that day, so she sneaked out in the morning the day after to purchase a pregnancy test. Two lines appeared straight away and she put the positive test in a box and wrapped it to give Pontus as a delayed Christmas gift. Pontus reaction when he opened the gift was priceless, his eyes were sparkling and he was a bit shocked. Ulrika had really taken him by surprise, but it was a nice surprise!

So 12 weeks have passed  and “det lilla livet” or “the little life “, our nickname of the human inside of Ulrika, was 5.1 centimeters from crown to rump. She(?) was moving and kicking around in the uterus, and we got a glimpse of her(?) sucking the thumb and waving her(?) arms. The lack of detectable male genitalia suggests that we are expecting a daughter, but it is to early to be 100% sure. We’re hoping to welcome “det lilla livet” in the end of the northern hemisphere’s summer of 2018.