After our successful attempt with taking Othilia on a scooter, we now felt confident to explore more parts of Koh Lanta with a toddler. Together with our friends Caroline, David, Oliver and Elvira we explored different ways to cool ourselves in the heat. We followed them to a “secret beach” in the South and to an interesting visit to a water park on the second island, Koh Lanta Noi.

Efter vårt lyckade försök med att ta Othilia på en moped, så kände vi oss redo att utforska fler delar av Koh Lanta med ett småbarn.
Tillsammans med våra vänner Caroline, David, Oliver och Elvira utforskade vi olika sätt att svalka oss i värmen. Vi följde med dem till en “hemlig” strand i södra delen av Koh Lanta och till ett intressant besök i en vattenpark på den andra ön, Koh Lanta Noi.

Arriving to Nui Bay or what we called it, the Secret beach. It was steep stairs down to the small restaurant which was situated next to the beach.
We ate lunch at the small restaurant, Relax Lanta, before we went out in the sun.
On our way with all the kids.
The second part down the hill was even steeper than the stairs.
Just beautiful!
We had three tired children after we had been playing in the water.
The monkeys came visiting and stole coconuts from the restaurants, but our children missed it, they were sleeping through the whole thing.
Another day we took the Scooter to Rattana Waterpark. We came in the morning and we were the only ones here. Felt like we had arrived to an abandoned Water park.
We even got to see the procedure to fill this giant water park attractions with air.
We had a fun day here almost alone in the water park. A few other families came a bit later during the day.
All children dared to go on the giant water slide. Even Othilia, but she was a bit skeptical after coming down. Here is Elvira going down the slide with her dad!
The entrance to the park wasn’t expensive. The open hours was a bit tricky. Google maps and their web page said one thing, but the staff at the entrance said another thing. The attraction looked a bit worn, but the water was clean.
We ended our day at the water park with Thai-Elvis and Othilia wasn’t impressed.