I, Ulrika, came in contact with the anarcho-capitalist ideas when I tried to get a grip on what the most morally correct way is to relate to other humans if you see all people as individuals of equal worth and with equal rights, while taking into account that there are as many moral compasses and political ideologies that people want to live according to as there are people on this earth. These thoughts lead me to a philosophy that I found most logical regarding how to relate to other people, when assuming that all people are equals and everyone has a right to their opinions and moral philosophies. The philosophy that I found is called the non-aggression principle and it is one of the foundations of the ideology called anarcho-capitalism.  

Another important thing to know is that both me and Pontus are what could be called “seekers”. By this I mean that we want to understand the scientific driving forces of nature, man and society. With our approach to the world, we are all the time looking to get as close as possible to the true description of man, human society, the world and the universe. This also means that we like to explore our positions and challenge our own arguments by testing how far we can push them before we meet a counter-argument that is able to reject the argument that we are trying to develop. This means that nothing is for us more than a truth of the moment, because we know that our current position can in the next moment  be overturned if new evidence and arguments are put before us. We share this approach to the world with many other people who found their way to anarcho-capitalism, and with this series of blog posts I would like to share my thoughts on anarcho-capitalism, and explain why I now define myself as an anarcho-capitalist.