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Christmas and New year’s eve in Paphos

We spent the last two weeks of 2017 in Paphos,  a quiet city in the southwest of Cyprus. Here, you will breathe antiquity and you will stumble upon archaeological sites here and there around the city. It is also a place filled with British expats, mostly older people, that live here during the winter months. We had the holidays coming up, so we mostly enjoyed the calmness that laid over Paphos and we didn’t do much during the last two weeks of 2017. However, we did explore our vicinity on foot and of course we took our camera with us and we ended the year by going to the cinema.

De sista två veckorna i 2017 spenderade vi i Paphos, en lugn stad i sydvästra Cypern. Här kan du verkligen andas in antiken och man nästan snubblar över arkeologiska platser här och där runt omkring i staden. Det är också en plats fylld med brittiska expats, mestadels äldre människor, som bor här under vintermånaderna. Vi hade helgdagar som kom upp, så vi njöt mest av lugnet som låg över Paphos och vi gjorde inte mycket under de två sista veckorna i 2017. Dock utforskade vi vårt närområde till fots, självklart tog vi med vår kamera, och vi avslutade året med att gå på bio.

We decided to spend Christmas and New year’s eve here in Paphos.

The weather was fantastic just before Christmas, so we decided to wait for Christmas on the beach.

Ulrika was the first one in! Temperature like a Swedish lake during the summer.

We also started with intermittent fasting so our breakfasts or brunches were enjoyed on our balcony.

We also took long walks or runs to explore Paphos.

We found Nautilus anchored at the harbor of Paphos and we looked for captain Nemo, but we couldn’t find him.

We found a peculiar tree in Paphos. Could either be an art installation or a mythical/religious thing.

Paphos has even more peculiar things going in the city, We don’t know if they are building a roller coaster around archaeological sites or if this is a really advanced and huge art installation.

We tried a Cypriotic Meze platter, delicious local dishes with everything from vegetables to different meat dishes. This was just the first part of our night eating out.

Paphos by night when the bigger night clubs are closed for the season.

They had decorated the harbor for Christmas.

Our Christmas Eve, the day we celebrate Christmas, started with lunch, we had found Abbas Herring (Sill) in the local super market so Pontus got “Sillunch” for Christmas.

And After Eight-chocolate to our coffee.

No traditional Donald Duck, but we found strawberries, so we had strawberry with ice cream for dessert after an Indian Chicken Madras dinner. Whisky and coffee ended our Christmas celebration this year.

We did have Benjamin Syrsa (Jiminy Cricket) as a guest. He liked Pontus shoulder very much.

Christmas eve sunset from our balcony.

The weather got worse after Christmas. but it was nice just to take long walks and trying to capture mother nature in action.

The waves got higher and it created a violent, but beautiful scenery.

We’ve noticed that Cyprus is trying to be friends with as many countries as possible. There are a lot of Russian investors here, along with British and American personnel (military) that have set up private British and American Schools on this island. We haven’t seen any signs of China here, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they also are investing in Cyprus.

We walked over 10 kilometers this day and we didn’t get wet once, so our rain cloud-avoiding skill is still intact.

We went to see a movie during boxing week and we love countries that do not dub every English-speaking movie they have in their cinemas. We’ve been to the cinema in Jakarta and Bali (Indonesia,) and Acapulco (Mexico) and we didn’t have to be afraid of not understanding the movies, because they just put subtitles on the movies.

The cinema in Paphos was located inside a shopping mall.

We saw the latest Star Wars movie and we both liked it very much.

This happens if you run Windows on your computer, ” Potentially harmful software detected”.

Pop corn is mandatory if we go to the cinema.

9 Euro to see a movie here on Cyprus, half price compared to Sweden and twice as expensive compared to Indonesia.

Then it was time to welcome 2018 and we spent the last evening of the year 2017 eating a three-course dinner at our favorite place in Paphos ending with a Cypriotic dessert we don’t know the name of, but it tasted like Baklava with rose water.

Exploring Khao Lak with our new camera

We are currently hanging around in the Khao Lak area and we have just come back from a 4-day tour out on the Andaman Sea, where we did 13 dives at the Surin Islands, Richelieu Rock, Koh Tachai, and the Similian Islands. It has been an absolutely fantastic diving experience for us and Ulrika is now going through and editing the nearly 200 video-shoots taken during the dives. These films will end up here and on our Youtube-channel eventually. In the meantime,  we will show you some pictures from our first days here in Khao Lak.
We went out for a long walk in the heat so Ulrika would have the opportunity to take pictures with our new camera, a Sony RX-100. You can find these photos in the slideshow below. Khao Lak was hit hard by the 2004 tsunami, so those who have been here before the catastrophe will perhaps not recognize the place.  A lot of big resorts has popped up since then in the Khao Lak area, but we found nice places to take photos.  Khao Lak is a very green place,  where the Lam Ru National Park rise up just behind Khao Lak and squeezes the villages in the area between the djungle and the Andaman sea.

Vi hänger för tillfället i Khao Lak och har precis kommit tillbaka från en 4-dagars tur ute på Andamanska havet där vi gjort 13 dyk vid Surin-öarna, Richelieu rock, Koh Tacha och Similian-öarna. Det har varit helt fantastisk dykning, och det har genererat nästan 200 film-klipp som nu Ulrika går igenom och redigerar. Dessa filmer kommer hamna på bloggen och på vår Youtubekanal så småningom. I väntan på det får ni istället se lite bilder från våra första dagar här i Khao Lak.
Vi var ute på en långpromenad i hettan för att Ulrika skulle få tillfälle att fota med vår nya kamera, en Sony RX-100 och ni hittar dessa bilder i bildspelet nedan. Khao Lak drabbades hårt av tsunamin år 2004, så ni som har varit här innan känner nog inte igen er. Det har växt upp en hel del stora resorts i Khao Lak-området, men vi hittade fina ställen att fota och detta är en väldigt grön plats där nationalparken Lam Ru reser sig bakom Khao Lak och klämmer in byarna i området mellan sig och havet.

Our pictures from Khao Lak:


The sun isn’t always shining in Khao Lak. We’ve had thunder and lightning almost every night. This amount of rain is very uncommon during the dry season. Fortunate for us, the clouds usually comes around during the evening and we like rain so it is not bad according to us.

We’re eating both local stuff, like the lovely noodle soup,…

Thai-version of Sushi, with their own kind of rice,…

and we did go to the only McDonalds in town and had a Mcflurry and a Sundae.

Our home during our stay here.

Pontus training in our 25 meter-pool.

And they are our reason not to sit with our computers all day. Our friends Karin and Patrik decided to join us here in Khao Lak, so we’re spending our time with them – eating, drinking, talking, laughing, sunbathing and swimming in the Andaman sea 🙂




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