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Hindelanger Klettersteig, amazing view over the Austrian Alps

Little did we know that we would hike on one of the longest and most popular Klettersteigs in this part of the Alps, when we contacted Sandra and Markus to ask if we could visit them on our way through Europe.  Hindelanger had been on Sandra and Markus wish-list for a long time, so we felt honored that they chose to take us with them on this adventure. They are very active people, and they have a blog where they document their many adventures with amazing photos, check out their blog herewhere they also wrote about our adventure together. Hindelanger was the first of a few adventures they had in mind for our visit, so we will divide our visit to Riezlern on three different blog posts starting with this Klettersteig on 2200 meter above sea level. 

Lite visste vi att vi skulle vandra på en av de längsta och mest populära Klettersteigs i den här delen av Alperna när vi bestämde oss för att kontakta Sandra och Markus och fråga om vi kunde komma förbi dem på vår väg genom Europa. Hindelanger hade varit på Sandra och Markus önskelista länge, så vi kände oss hedrade att de valde att ta med oss på detta äventyr. De är mycket aktiva människor, och de har en blog där de dokumenterar sina många äventyr med fantastiska bilder, kolla in deras blogg här, där de även skrivit om vårt äventyr tillsammans. Hindelanger var det första av flera äventyr som de hade i åtanke för vårt besök, så vi delar upp vårt besök i Riezlern på tre olika bloggposter som börjar med denna Klettersteig 2200 meter över havet.

Hindelanger Klettersteig is a very popular via ferrata and it was Sandra and Markus plans for our first adventure during our time  in Riezlern.

Sandra and Markus picked us up in Kempten Allgäu, Germany, after our train ride from Graz, Austria. It has been several years since we visited them last time, so it was time for a new visit. We picked up their old bikes from service on our way back to Austria, since they also had mountain bike plans for us during our stay with them.

Sandra and Markus place, where they call home. They are really active people so this is a perfect spot to have a home for them!

Markus showed us his automated hydroponics project and he is doing it thoroughly.

Water supply, humidity, nourishment and temperature is monitored and automated, and Markus has built and programmed everything by himself.

We started early the next day and it was time to tackle the famous Hindelanger Klettersteig.

The first mission is to get to the top of Nebelhorn, 2200 meters above sea level. You can hike up to the top, but it is preferable to take the cable cars, three of them, up to the top. You can purchase both one-way and two-way tickets, if you don’t want to hike down the mountain.

The Hindelanger Klettersteig starts from the top cabin at 2224 meter above sea level.

The ridge that we would spend the next five hours climbing up and down on.

The mission was to get to the Gosser Daumen, the green top to the right which is visible in the background.

You should be capable of handling heights if you decide to do the Hindelanger Klettersteig.

Klettersteig or via ferrata (Iron road) is a protected climbing route, where you can secure yourself to a steel cable which runs along the route.

Hindelanger Klettersteig is graded C on a via ferrata A-F difficulty scale, because there are parts of the route where the steel cables are absent. However, our feeling was that this was manageable if you’re not easily scared by heights and take your time.

The Klettersteig took around 5 hours for us to do, and then we had an additional 5 hours hiking down the mountain to get back to the car.

Ulrika in her favorite spot, sitting on a mountain looking down on the world!

The view over the Austrian Alps was amazing! Below are a slide show with more amazing pictures from the hike.


We hiked all the way down to Oberstdorf, doing a 1100 meter descent. These slopes are down hill slopes during the winter season.

A break on our way down eating some energy bars.

Next to a small waterfall.

15 km and 10 hours later later we finally reached the ski jumping towers in Oberstdorf. We have a video from our adventure below for people who are interested. This adventure was now a dear memory for us, but more adventures would come our way during the next few days. Thanks Sandra and Markus for taking us on this awesome adventure!

Days in Dubrovnik

We explored the rest of Dubrovnik during the days Linda was working and the small Croatian coast town is much more than Game of Thrones and old town. We hiked up the Srđ mountain, walked around Port Gruz and jumped from the cliffs in the old port of Dubrovnik and got to use our Gopro in the Adriatic sea. We had five wonderful days here before we said goodbye to Linda and Dubrovnik.    

Vi utforskade resten av Dubrovnik under de dagar som Linda arbetade och den lilla kroatiska kuststaden är mycket mer än Game of Thrones och gamla stan. Vi vandrade upp på Srđ-berget, promenerade runt Port Gruz och hoppade från klipporna i Dubrovniks gamla hamn, samt fick användning av vår Gopro i Adriatiska havet. Vi hade fem underbara dagar här innan vi sa adjö till Linda och Dubrovnik.

You get an awesome view over Dubrovnik if you walk up the Srđ mountain, which rise up just behind Dubrovnik. The trail is found along bus line 3, and is marked out on the tourist maps.

The trail will take you to 412 meters above sea level and the view is fantastic. Old town looks like the town tiles in the board game Carcassone, from up here.

You can take the cable car up to the top if you don’t want to walk.

The view over Babin Kuk and Port Gruz, other parts of Dubrovnik. We hiked up to the top under 50 minutes, with several photo stops a long the way, so it is a quite easy trail to hike.

The sun is about to set.

We caught the last light of the day hiking down to civilisation.

We lived near old town the first few days, so we just followed the coast to get to the city center.

We had amazing accommodation here, a video from our first “home” can be seen below.

Our second “home” was in Babin Kuk, approximately 4.5 km from city center. Here, we could see Port Gruz from our place and see the huge cruise ships that come to Dubrovnik. There are a lot of tourists here during high season, so the town is really crowded. Main reason for this is these huge cruise ships. There are a limit in the number of ships that are allowed to be in the harbor, so you will see big cruise ships hanging around Dubrovnik waiting for a spot in the port.

The ship can barely come under the bridge.

“Smaller” yachts can also be seen in Port Gruz.

Dubrovnik is small, so public transportation is easy to use even tough it is not crystal clear where the buses stop and which way it will go. All buses are stopping in old town, so you can just jump on a bus and eventually you will come to the city center.

The public transportation aren’t scaled to handle the tourists.

Old Port of Dubrovnik, a nice spot to eat your lunch before swimming in the Adriatic sea.

The wall around old town looks quite big compared to Pontus. Below is a short video from our day here.  Then it was time for us to leave this beautiful place and head up north.


Upp på berget! / Up on the mountain!

(Please scroll down to orange text for the English version)

Våra vänner har precis hittat ett nytt boende uppe i bergen i Acapulco och det var dags för oss att komma och hälsa på samtidigt som vi spanade in deras fantastiska utsikt över staden. Det tar cirka 10 minuter, beroende på trafiken, upp för berget och vissa bitar är rejält branta, så Ulrika bestämde sig för att filma resan upp till huset. Så här kommer en liten inblick i vår vardag här i Acapulco med våra ankvänner i videoformat. Vi har begränsat med internet just nu så vår uppdatering har blivit lite lidande av det, speciellt då vi också valt att filma en del för bloggen!

Our friends have just found a new accommodation in the mountains of Acapulco and it was time for us to visit them and check out their fantastic view of the city. It takes about 10 minutes up the mountain, depending on traffic, and some parts of the journey are very steep, so Ulrika decided to film the trip up to the house. So here’s a small insight into our daily live here in Acapulco with our ancap friends in video format. We have limited internet at the moment so our update has been suffering a bit because of it, especially now when we chose to start filming a bit for the blog!

Besök i molnens hemvist / Visiting the clouds nesting place

(Please scroll down to the orange text for the English version)

Med trötta ögon kröp vi ur sängen kl 05.10 och 20 minuter senare klev in i vår guides rickshaw som tog oss längs slingriga vägar längs med teplantagen i den mörka svala morgonluften. Vi parkerade nedanför berget som vi skulle bestiga och såg solen gå upp över bergen innan vi började vår vandring uppåt på berget. Dagens etapp var en vandring på cirka 1000 höjdmeter till toppen av berget som ligger 2400 meter över havet. Det fanns en chans att få se vilda elefanter som bor i skogarna bland bergen, men tyvärr såg vi inga elefanter denna dag. Däremot fick vi se flera bergsgetter på lite närmare håll, de är ganska skygga och vissa människor jagar dem tyvärr. Vår guide Sami berättade att getterna inte är lika skygga för turister med färgglada kläder och ryggsäckar som för jägarna utan ryggsäckar och klädda i traditionell sarong. Dagens vandring bjöd på en spektakulär utsikt över bergskedjan i Kerala och det var gröna bergstoppar så längt ögat kunde nå. På höger sida om berget fanns bergstoppar som var täckta av teplantage och på vänster sida bredde skog och djungel ut sig över bergen. Frukosten dukades upp på 2400 meter och vi satt bara och njöt av utsikten. Det fanns en hel del moln som var fast i dalarna mellan bergen och det såg ut som om vi hade hittat molnens boplats i världen. Det blev en underbar dagstur på 6 timmar med magnifik utsikt, fina blommor och ett strålande, vackert väder och vi låter bilderna från vandringen tala för sig själva :)!

We crawled out of bed with tired eyes at 5:10 in the morning, and 20 minutes later we sat in our guide’s rickshaw that took us along winding roads between the tea plantations in the dark and cool morning air. We parked beneath the mountain that we would climb and saw the sun rise over the mountains before we started our hike up the mountain. Today’s stage was a hike of about 1000 vertical meters to the summit of the mountain which is 2400 meters above the sea level. There was a chance to see wild elephants that live in the forests of the mountains, but unfortunately we saw no elephants on this day. However, we saw several mountain goats at a distance, they are quite shy and some people are hunting them, unfortunately. Our guide Sami told us that the goats are less shy for tourists with colorful clothes and backpacks compared to the hunters without backpacks and dressed in traditional sarong. Today’s walk offered a spectacular view of the mountain chain in Kerala and it was green mountain peaks as far as the eye could reach. On the right side of the mountain the mountain peaks were covered with tea plantations and on the left side forest and jungle spread out over the mountains. The breakfast was served at 2400 meters and we just sat and enjoyed the view. There were a lot of clouds that was stuck in the valleys between the mountains and it looked as if we had found the clouds nesting place in the world. It was a wonderful day trip of 6 hours with a magnificent view, nice flowers and a brilliant, beautiful weather. We let the pictures from the hike speak for themselves :)!

God morgon Indien! Good morning India!

God morgon Indien! Good morning India!


Vår snälla guide Sami! Our kind guide Sami!

Vår snälla guide Sami! Our kind guide Sami!


Molnen sover här! THe clouds are sleeping here!

Molnen sover här! The clouds are sleeping here!

Det fanns en del växtlighet att forcera! There was some vegetation to force ourselves through!

Det fanns en del växtlighet att forcera! There was some vegetation to force ourselves through!

Bergsgetterna! The mountain goats!

Bergsgetterna! The mountain goats!


En halo! A halo!

En halo! A halo!

Ensamma och njuter av utsikten! Alone and enjoying the view!

Ensamma och njuter av utsikten! Alone and enjoying the view!


På väg hemåt! On our way home!

På väg hemåt! On our way home!

Kollage med blommorna vi hittade på berget! Collage of the flowers we found on the mountain!

Kollage med blommorna vi hittade på berget! Collection of the flowers we found on the mountain!

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