We like to explore wherever we go so naturally we wanted to see the other side of Koh Lanta and visit Old town which is located there. We took the scooter and traveled over the mountain and came to a different part of Koh Lanta. Old town looks quite different from the towns located on the west side, and has much less tourists.

Vi tycker om att utforska platser vi är på så naturligtvis ville vi se den andra sidan av Koh Lanta och besöka Old town som ligger där. Vi tog mopeden och körde över berget och kom till en annan del av Koh Lanta. Old town ser ganska annorlunda ut än byarna på västsidan och har mycket mindre turister.

On our way to the other side of the island! We went twice to old town so this will be pictures in random order from both times.
Ulrika managed to take a pciture of us three on the scooter. The traffic is so easy here and we take it slowly.
We are driving over a mountain that separates the eat and west coast of Koh Lanta. Here we saw the east side for the first time. So we had to stop and take a picture.
Old town is so cozy and looks a lot different from the other places on Koh Lanta.
The tuk tuks are so beautiful in Old town.
We found a huge lobster at the pier.
We walked all the way out on the pier and realised that we could have taken our scooter out. It was kind of a hot day so our minds weren’t with us at the time.
The view from the pier and a fisherman’s boat.
We had read that there was a playground near the pier in Old town so we wanted to go there with Othilia.
Othilia on her way up to the slide.
Now it is only the down part that can be a little scary and Othilia wants to hold a hand when going down.
Pontus found a playground for adults as well.
Lunch time and we tried two different restaurants next to the pier. The first one we tried was called Fresh and Othilia needed a snack before lunch.
The second time we tried a really cozy restaurant called Pinto. Othilia was fascinated by the tables that were converted sewing machines.
Back at our beach we needed to jump in the water after being out in the sun all day on a scooter. We are both wearing dresses we found in Old town.

I’m so blessed to walk beside you my wonderful daughter and experience the world with you!