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Diving around the Gili Islands – throwback to the end of April

Ulrika has finally edited our diving movies from the Gili Islands, so here is a throwback to the end of April when Ulrikas family decided to join our adventure in Indonesia. Gili Air was our first stop and it was also here we where diving. Crystal clear water and a lot of marine life – Gili Islands is a great diving spot according to us! 

Ulrika har äntligen redigerat våra dykfilmer från Giliöarna, så här är en tillbakablick till i slutet av april när Ulrikas familj bestämde sig för att följa med på vårt äventyr i Indonesien. Gili Air var vårt första stopp och det var också här vi ägnade oss åt dykning. Kristallklart vatten och mycket marint liv – Giliöarna är en bra dykplats enligt oss!

This time looking back to the end of April when we visited the Gili Islands, or Gili Air to be precise.

Ulrikas family were with us and it was here Ulrikas sister broke the news that a new family member is coming. That’s why she couldn’t follow us to the dive sites.

Ulrika, Pontus and Mats dived with the 7seas dive center on Gili Air and we can highly recommend them. We had an awesome time together with them 🙂 Below are four dive movies from around the Gili Islands.

On our first dive next to Gil Trawangan we saw our first tiny ribbon eel, also known as the leaf-nosed moray eel or bernis eel!

Mats followed us to our second dive site, called Turtle heaven, and this dive site really lives up to its name!

Our third dive was a wreck dive, but we only got a few minutes around the wreck because of the strong current that suddenly appeared. The dive turned into a drift dive and we realized why when we came to the surface and saw the wall of rain coming from the sky. We got picked up by another boat, because we drifted so far that we were no way near our dive boat.

Fourth and last dive was next to Gili Meno and with much nicer weather than our third dive.

Maja and Mats next to the beach of Gili air with Lombok in the background.
It was nice to snorkle around Gili air, we got to see a white frogfish here that we recorded with our GoPro.

We’re getting closer to be up to date with our blog now when all our dive movies are edited and published. We are back on track again and next will be about saying goodbye to the King family in Prague and unschooling, stay tuned!

Gili Air with Ulrikas family & Swedish Mises-institute article

The Gili Islands was the first stop on our trip with Ulrika’s family. After one night in Kuta, we jumped on a fast boat out to Gili Air for diving and swimming in the ocean. If you follow Ulrika on snapchat, you have probably noticed how much she has been waiting for her family to come to Bali, and now it was time to explore the islands around Bali. It is very easy to move between the islands. Almost every homestay can arrange transportation to different locations on Bali or to other islands nearby. Pictures from Gili Air can be found below.

Ulrika has also translated and modified an episode of one of our favorite podcasts, “The Voluntary Life – episode 274“, into Swedish and had published it at the Swedish Mises-Institute, which is also behind another one of favorite podcasts, Radio Mises, which we highly recommend!

Giliöarna blev det första stoppet som vi tog Ulrikas familj till. Efter en natt i Kuta, så tog vi snabbåtarna ut till Gili Air för att dyka och bada. Ni som följer Ulrika på snapchat har nog märkt hur mycket hon längtat efter att hennes familj ska komma till Bali och nu var det dags att utforska öarna omkring Bali. Det är väldigt lätt att röra sig mellan öarna då nästan varenda homestay också kan ordna transport till olika platser på Bali och andra öar i närheten. Bilder från Gili Air kommer nedan.

Ulrika har även översatt och modifierat ett avsnitt av en av våra favoritpodcasts, “The Voluntary life – avsnitt 274”, till svenska och fått den publicerad på Svenska Mises-institutet, vilka också är grundare till en av våra andra favoritpodcasts, Radio Mises, som vi högt rekommenderar!  

Finally, my family arrived to Bali, but we did not stay long there. Our goal was to take a boat out to the Gili Islands.

The view in Padang Bai, a fishing village from which the fast boats depart to the Gili Islands.

We arrived at Gili Air almost two hours later. There are three Gili islands, which are located near each other. Gili Trawangan, or Gili T, is the party island where a lot of backpackers come to enjoy life and late hours. Gili Meno is the quiet islands, where often honeymooners end up at luxury resorts. Gili Air, is the laid back island, with a relaxed atmosphere and bars.

You can easily travel between the Gili islands with local boats and also get over to the bigger island Lombok.

There are no motor traffic on the islands, so horse and carriage
is the way to get around, together with bicycles and electric scooters.

Our accommodation on the island. The place is called Family Bungalows, which is a set of bungalows with air-conditioning in the middle of the island.

We went to Gili Air for the diving, and we were not disappointed. We chose to dive with 7seas and they were a very customer friendly dive center and they also had good diving gear. Here are we posing with our dive masters Efrin and Francesco, who took us out to incredible dive sites around the three islands.

Gili Air means beach time, and you can snorkel here if you’re not into diving. Ulrika showed Maja how to snorkel here!

Maja and Mats enjoying the warm water. The island is really close to Lombok so you can see the northwest part of Lombok from the beach.

Gili Air has a really relaxed atmosphere in the evenings and interesting bars to hang out in.

Air is really small, only 6.5 kilometers in circumference so it is possible to see the whole island in under an hour. We walked along the coast during low tide and took pictures.

The famous swings in the water at Gili Air.

Hairdresser, snorkeler and mother, Maja has more than one skill.

Evenings were spent talking and laughing.

We had a few lazy days on the beach before we moved on.

We went to an outdoor cinema the last evening on Air, which btw means water in Indonesian, before we took a boat over to Lombok.

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