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Libertarians in Prague and the Kokořín Castle

We get to meet Czech libertarians every time we come here, we have even started our own chat group with Libertarian parents in Prague, so that our children can meet and play with each other. The group is still small, but we hope that it will grow slowly.
The beginning of October means that our favorite conference of the year is coming up and this also means that a bunch of our friends shows up and we get to hang out with them. This year we took them to the Kokořín Castle, a castle totally surrounded by forest, and it is a nice day trip from Prague.

Vi får träffa tjeckiska libertarianer varje gång vi kommer hit, vi har till och med startat vår egen chatgrupp med libertarianska föräldrar i Prag, så att våra barn kan träffas och leka med varandra. Gruppen är fortfarande liten, men vi hoppas på att den kommer att växa långsamt.
Början av oktober betyder att vår favoritkonferens går av stapeln och det betyder också att ett gäng av våra vänner dyker upp och vi får umgås med dem. I år tog vi dem till slottet Kokořín, ett slott som är helt omgivet av skog och som är en trevlig dagstur från Prag.

The weather got a bit colder in the beginning of October, so we needed to dress up a bit to meet other children in our Libertarian parents group.
Our first meeting was at a playground in a park in the South of Prague. They also have a man-made cave system for older kids to play in.
It doesn’t even look like we are in Prague anymore,
Prague has so many playgrounds and we love that with Prague, so child friendly.
Our first Libertarian parent/child meet up was with the first lady of Liberland (Jana) and a thought-criminal mother (Caroline) according to the Swedish state media. If you don’t know what I mean about thought-criminal, you should watch the YouTube video linked at the end of the blog post. It is hilarious!
Some early morning pictures taken by Pontus on his walks.
It is so nice to see a city slowly waking up to a new morning.
The weather turned into summer again and we got invited to our unschooling friends Martin and Zdenka. Zdenka is involved in the Czech un-/home-/worldschooling community, but we have a lot more common interests than that subject. They are also interested in biohacking and longevity so we had so much to talk about.
Their newest family member Astrid is so adorable. We have met a few babies named Astrid and even a Margit here in the Czech Republic. It is interesting to hear such Swedish names pronounced with a Czech or English twist on it.
This is the conference that keeps us coming back to Prague each autumn. It is always the first weekend in October, so this means that a lot of our friends tend to show up here in Prague in the beginning October.
We can even have a Swedish Libertarian meet up here in Prague.
The first weekend in October means that we are inside a building most of the day so we decided to go on an adventure out in the nature to counteract being indoors all day.
Carvings in the stone – date unknown.
our adventure took us to the Kokořín Castle. An old castle up on a rock in the middle of the forest.
You park at the river and then climb the stairs all the way up to the castle.
Kokořín Castle was built in the end of the 14th century.
It was heavily damaged in the Hussite wars (1419-1434) and stood as ruins until 1911 when a 7-year restoration took place.
The Kokořín Castle is open for visitors and we were able to climb up one of the towers.
The view is fantastic and a day out in the nature was just what we needed.

SVT (Swedish state propaganda channel, yes it is founded with taxes) found out that Swedish families are thinking and caring for their children’s future and calling us criminals for giving the advice to move abroad to be able to homeschool (it is still not criminal SVT to move from Sweden!). Our friend Caroline was “exposed”, because she is an administrator of a Facebook page about unschooling. It is hilarious to watch. Link to youtube (with English subtitles):

Prague botanical gardens and Philosophy Europe Convention 2019

Prague has a botanical garden, and and we went there with our friends, the King family, and people from the worldschooling community. The botanical garden is up on a hill in Northern Prague, so when you reach the bottom half of the garden, the view is lovely – especially over Troja castle. Time-wise, we are still in September when we did all these things. I know I promised you October in our last post, but we’re not quite done with September yet 🙂

We also went to the Philosophy Europe Convention that focus on philosophy, Libertarianism and Austrian economics. It was the second time we attended this conference and we like how it is put together, both with workshops and lectures mixed with excursions in and around Prague with the group of participants that we now consider our friends.

Prag har en botanisk trädgård och vi åkte dit med våra vänner familjen King och människor från “Worldschooling”-gruppen. Den botaniska trädgården ligger uppe på en kulle i norra Prag, så utsikten är vacker när man når den nedre halvan av trädgården – särskilt den över slottet Troja. Tidsmässigt är vi fortfarande i september när vi gjorde det här. Jag vet att jag lovade er oktober i vårt förra inlägg, men vi är inte riktigt klara med september ännu 🙂

Vi deltog också i “Philosophy Europe Convention” som fokuserar på filosofi, Libertarianism och österrikisk ekonomi. Det var andra gången som vi deltog på denna konferens och vi gillar hur den är sammansatt, med både workshops och föreläsningar blandade med utflykter i och runt Prag med den grupp deltagare som vi nu betraktar som våra vänner.

Othilia in the botanical gardens! This is a good place to explore for small children.
Othilia and Edward have become friends!
The pond in the botanical garden with turtles and fishes swimming around.
They get along most of the time and she is following him around regardless if he wants it or not.
The botanical garden was ready for the autumn.
Othilia is our golden baby!
There are different areas in the botanical garden and a lot is created with the little people in mind.
The botanical garden ends with their own wine yard, where you can sit and have some wine and a lovely view.
Next door is the Troja castle and this is not a bad view to have while ending a day at the botanical garden.
Mornings in Prague, the sun goes up and Pontus is there to catch it.
Pontus always finds interesting things to take pictures of. This is a canoe slalom track in the river, this is not the only track in Prague we have seen so it seems that it is a more common sport to engage in here.
We had several meetings with friends from the Philosophy Europe Convention in the end of September and that brought us into the woods around the Karlstejn castle.
Othilia got to try riding daddy’s back when she wasn’t up for walking on her own.
We got to see the Karlstejn castle from the outside. The discussions we had in the forrest were so interesting and Othilia’s pace was not the fastest so we ended up getting to the castle outside of the regular visiting hours.
We also went exploring the city of Prague with our friends from the convention in between the workshops.
Part of the time were spent at playgrounds so Othilia would have something to do while the adults were talking.
We discovered a new part of Prague that we absolutely love – Vyšehrad.
The view is fantastic from the hill.
Prague from Vyšehrad
Ulrika looks skeptical, but it was because her attention got caught by passing people. The sunset is beautiful and Othilia is always lovely!
Basilica Lawrence is standing on top of Vyšehrad and the cellar of the church is more than 1000 years old. You can feel the wings of history up on this hill!

Next we will enter the month of October in our blog updates.

Back in our gem Praha

We are in Praha (Prague in Czech) and the fall is always busy for us here in Praha, the capital of the Czech Republic. I want to show you pictures from where we first arrived to Prague in September, the weather was beautiful and it is always nice to prolong the summer, which is quite short in Northern Europe.

Prague or Praha is the closest thing we have to a base and we realized that we have spent seven out of Othilia’s 13 first months here. Enjoy the birth city of our daughter!

Vi är i Praha (Prag på tjeckiska) och hösten är alltid uppbokad för oss här i Praha, Tjeckiens huvudstad. Jag vill visa er bilder från vad vi gjorde då vi först kom till Prag i september. Vädret var vackert och det är alltid trevligt att förlänga sommaren som är ganska kort om man befinner sig i nordeuropa.

Prag eller Praha är det närmaste vi har en bas och vi insåg att vi har tillbringat sju av Othilias 13 första månader här. Njut av vår dotters födelsestad!

The first thing we did was to meet up with friends and have a barbecue on a roof top. Stunning sunset that welcomed us to Prague!
Othilia loves her new play room and is is a fine climber of stairs. Our daughter is so brave and unafraid of things, but still so careful and asks to hold our hand patiently if she judges that she needs our assistance over some obstacle.
Pontus continues to wake up early in the morning and take a walk. He always takes pictures that we want to share with you. Here is Prague while waking up to a new day!
Malostranská in the morning
Pivovar Marina in the morning
Some mornings are more cloudy than others.
The Vltava river
Church of St. Anthony of Padua in the background
We are hanging out with the King family and the Vietnamese market had a food festival in September. We love Vietnamese food so we had to visit the festival and let Othilia try it out. She liked it as well!
We visited Othilia’s pediatrician and our daughter was 75 cm and weighed 9950 grams. We have a nice pediatrician that is in full sync with how we view the world and our lifestyle! We like that.
There is so much things to do her in Prague for kids, we have mentioned that before. Here is an exhibition out in the open at the Stromovka park about the the moon landings and the race to space.
And signs both in Czech and English. That is something you don’t see everywhere here in the Czech Republic.
End of September and we enjoyed the summer.
This was a short recap of the last days in September for us here in Prague. October was much more busy for us! And Othilia’s development accelerated to a pace none of us were prepared for. It is an exciting ride to be fortunate enough to follow a child grow up.

What are the costs of giving birth at a hospital in Czech Republic

Long time no see! Time is prioritized differently nowadays, but I will try to find time for some catch up.
We have gotten a few questions about giving birth in the Czech Republic and I’ve already written about the birth story of Othilia in our previous post, so in this post we will answer what the costs were for welcoming our girl into this world in this spot of the earth. I will also insert cute pictures of Othilia for you 🙂

Det var länge sedan! Tid prioriteras annorlunda nuförtiden, men jag kommer att försöka hitta tid för att komma ikapp med uppdateringarna nu.
Vi har fått några frågor om att föda i Tjeckien och jag har redan skrivit om Othilias förlossningshistoria i vårt tidigare inlägg, så i det här inlägget kommer vi att svara på vad kostnaden var för att välkomna vår flicka till denna värld på denna plats på planeten. Jag ska också infoga söta bilder på Othilia för er 🙂

Othilia just 3 weeks old holding “mormors” (maternal grandmother’s) finger.

First to note is that I have a maternity add-on insurance that covered most of the expenses associated with the birth of Othilia. You can either pay out of pocket and then send in receipts and get money back, but birthing a child can get really costly quite fast, if complications occur, so  we chose to set up a direct billing between our insurance company and the hospital, so that all our bills covered by my insurance would be paid directly by the insurance company.

Först att notera är att jag har ett graviditetstillägg på min försäkring som täckte de flesta av kostnaderna i samband med Othilias födelse. Man kan antingen betala ur egen ficka för att sedan skicka in kvitton och få pengar tillbaka, men att föda ett barn kan bli riktigt dyrt ganska snabbt, om komplikationer uppstår, så vi valde att inrätta en direkt fakturering mellan vårt försäkringsbolag och sjukhuset. Det betyder att alla våra räkningar som omfattas av min försäkring skulle betalas direkt av försäkringsbolaget.

Home from the hospital recovering from the blood loss, still very pale in the face but happy to be able to hold my girl while standing up.

The direct billing set up took us a couple of weeks, mostly due to summer vacations and that we had chosen a hospital that not so many foreigners with private insurance chooses. There are other hospitals in Prague that are more used to this kind of procedure and I think they can handle these sort of requests faster. We chose Rakovnik due to their reputation of being so woman-friendly and let us have the kind of birthing we wished for – a more natural and relaxing birth with our own private midwife and me being in control every step of the way, but with a medical team standing by if complications would occur.    

Att sätta upp den direkta faktureringen till försäkringsbolaget tog oss ett par veckor, främst på grund av sommarsemestrar och att vi hade valt ett sjukhus som inte så många utlänningar med privat försäkring väljer. Det finns andra sjukhus i Prag som är mer vana vid denna typ av förfarande och jag tror att de kan hantera sådana sorters förfrågningar snabbare. Vi valde Rakovnik på grund av deras rykte om att vara mycket kvinnovänlig och låta oss få den typ av förlossning vi önskade – en mer naturlig och avkopplande förlossning med vår egen privata barnmorska och där jag är i full kontroll varje steg på vägen, men med ett medicinskt team i bakgrunden som är snabbt där om komplikationer skulle inträffa.

Othilia visited IKEA in Prague during Christmas preparation.

So what were the costs:

  • Birthing costs: from check in at the delivery ward to be rolled down to the maternity/child ward –
    ~27000 CZK (1050 Euro), direct billing
  • Complications due to major blood loss from early detachment of placenta: Surgery and two blood transfusions. ~18000 CZK (700 Euro), direct billing
  • Private midwife:  4 prenatal appointments, delivery package (taking care of my whole birthing 27 hours), 2 postnatal appointments (breastfeeding etc), translation and transportation costs –
    ~16000 CZK (620 Euro), out of pocket payment, got back after handing in the receipts.
  • Othilia’s care and new born tests at the mother/child ward (testing for different genetic diseases, hearing test etc)-
    ~4000 CZK (150 Euro), direct billing
  • Private room for me and Pontus: Meals and snacks for us both for 2 nights and 3 days –
    ~4000 CZK (150 Euro), not included in my insurance so we paid this by ourselves.

Så vad var kostnaden:

  • Förlossningsskostnader: Från incheckningen på förlossningsavdelningen till att jag rullas ner till bb –
    ~27000 CZK (1050 Euro), direkt fakturering
  • Komplikationer på grund av stor blodförlust från tidig avlossning av placenta:  Operation och två blodtransfusioner – ~18000 CZK (700 Euro), direkt fakturering
  • Privat barnmorska: 4 möten före födseln, förlossningspaket (barnmorskan tar hand om hela min förlossning på 27 timmar), 2 möten efter födseln (amningshjälp etc), översättning och transportkostnader –
    ~16000 CZK (620 Euro), betala ur fickan för att sedan få tillbaka
  • Othilias vård och tester för nyfödda vid sjukhuset (test för olika genetiska sjukdomar, hörselprov etc) –
    ~4000 CZK (150 Euro), direkt fakturering
  • Privat rum för mig och Pontus: Måltider och mellanmål för oss båda för 2 nätter och 3 dagar –
    ~4000 CZK (150 Euro), ingick inte i min försäkring så vi betalade detta själva.

Othilia 2.5 months old after a bath.

Total was 2670 Euro, where 150 Euro was paid by ourselves. This is what four prenatal appointments, a 27-hour birthing, complications with surgery, a three day stay post-delivery  and two home visits after birth costed in Czech Republic. I’ve heard that this is the price level to give birth here in the Czech Republic. If you skip the private midwife and don’t experience any complications the cost could then come down to 1350 Euro.
You can find more posh hospitals in Prague which can be a bit more expensive, but they also have a less good reputation if you are considering a more natural birth and want to be in control of your own birthing.  However, this is only what I’ve heard, so if you have experience with other maternity hospitals in and around Prague, please share your experience here.

Den totala kostnaden var 2670 Euro, är vi betalade 150 Euro själva. Det är vad fyra prenatala möten, en 27-timmars förlossning, komplikationer med operation, en tre dagars vistelse efter leverans och två hembesök efter födseln kostar i Tjeckien. Jag har hört att detta är prisnivån för att föda här i Tjeckien. Om du inte anlitar en privat barnmorska och slipper komplikationer så kan kostnaden komma ned till 1350 Euro.
Du kan hitta mer “lyxiga” sjukhus i Prag som kan vara lite dyrare, men de har också ett mindre gott rykte om du funderar på en mer naturlig födelse och vill ha kontroll över din egen förlossning. Men det här är bara det jag har hört, så om du har erfarenhet av andra förlossningssjukhus  i och runt Prag, snälla dela med dig av din erfarenhet här.

Othilia 3 months and has grown in to the size 62 clothes.

I’ve also written about why we choose to give birth in Prague and a few other things we were dealing with in order to welcome our Othilia. I can recommend reading both blog post if you are an expat (or Czech) thinking about giving birth in Prague.

Jag har också skrivit om anledningarna till att vi valde att föda i Prag och några andra saker vi hade att göra med inför välkomnandet av vår Othilia. Båda bloggposterna jag kan rekommendera att läsa om man som expat (eller tjeck) planerar att föda i Prag.

Othilia today almost 6 months and she is wearing size 68 now!

Week 40 of pregnancy and how grief can affect an unborn child

A lot of things happened during the last week before our due date and we wanted to make a blog post about how grief can affect an unborn child. This is what went on during week 40 of pregnancy for Ulrika and “Det lilla livet”.

Flera saker hände under den sista veckan före vårt beräknade förlossningsdatum och vi ville göra ett blogginlägg om hur sorg kan påverka ett ofött barn. Detta var det som hände för Ulrika och “Det lilla livet” under vecka 40 av graviditeten.

We have weekly appointments with our midwife to check the status of both Ulrika and “Det lilla livet”. Ulrika’s diastolic pressure has been on the rise the last couple of weeks, so when she entered week 40 the disastolic pressure hit 90, which puts Ulrika in the risk zone of getting preeclampsia. Ulrika had also started to feel pain in her hands in the morning, probably because of increased edema, so now Ulrika wanted to decrease her blood pressure. No protein in her urine was present so that was a good sign. Ulrika’s midwife recommended nettle tea, lots of fluid and rest before a second blood pressure would be taken a few days later at the week 40 appointment at the hospital.

Vi har veckovisa besök med vår barnmorska för att kontrollera statusen för både Ulrika och “Det lilla livet”. Ulrikas diastoliska tryck har stigit de senaste veckorna, så när vi kom in i vecka 40 så var det disastoliska trycket 90, vilket sätter Ulrika i riskzonen för att få preeklampsi (havandeskapsförgiftning). Ulrika hade också börjat känna smärta i händerna på morgonen, förmodligen på grund av ökat ödem, så nu ville Ulrika minska på blodtrycket. Inget protein i hennes urin var närvarande så det var ett gott tecken. Ulrikas barnmorska rekommenderade nässelte, massor av vätska och vila innan ett andra blodtryck skulle tas några dagar senare vid vecka 40 besöket på sjukhuset.

The same day Ulrika’s mother called and told us that the day we have been waiting and dreading for probably had come. We have known for a few months that Charlie was sick and the vet couldn’t say how long time he had left, but she told us that we would know when it was time for him to go. Ulrika has been preparing for this day, but she did not realize how hard the grief would hit her. Here is Charlie with Filip in “Stugan”, his favorite place in the world.

Samma dag ringde Ulrikas mor och berättade för oss att den dag vi har väntat och fruktade för förmodligen hade kommit. Vi har i några månader vetat att Charlie var sjuk och veterinären inte kunde säga hur länge han hade kvar, men hon berättade för oss att vi skulle veta när det var dags för honom att gå. Ulrika har förberett sig för denna dag, men hon insåg inte hur svår sorg som skulle drabba henne. Här är Charlie med Filip i “Stugan”, hans favoritplats i världen.

Our friends Rebecca, Daniel and Tova surprised every one by coming to Prague for a day, so Ulrika didn’t have to think about what was to come the same day. Interestingly, we have met and gotten to know both the King family and Rebecca, Daniel and Tova in Bali, so it was nice that they got to meet each other. We had a lovely day with them before they continued their journey. In the evening, Ulrika got the word that Charlie had fallen in to his last sleep without pain with the help of a vet.  It was now that the grief really hit her.

Våra vänner Rebecca, Daniel och Tova överraskade alla genom att komma till Prag för en dag, så Ulrika behövde inte tänka på vad som skulle komma samma dag. Intressant är att vi träffat och lärt känna både Kingfamiljen och Rebecca, Daniel och Tova på Bali, så det var trevligt att de träffade varandra. Vi hade en härlig dag med dem innan de fortsatte sin resa.
På kvällen fick Ulrika meddelandet att Charlie nu hade fallit in i sin sista sömn utan smärta med hjälp av en veterinär. Det var också nu som sorgen kom.

The next day we had an appointment with a pediatrician to enrol “Det lilla livet”. It was the final thing we had to fix before we were completely prepared to welcome her in to this world. Not all hospitals in Prague require you to have a pediatrician, but ours do. We found a really good pediatrician that was totally supportive and understanding about our way of life, so “det lilla livet” now has a pediatrician for every time we will be visiting Prague in the future. Here in Prague, a lot of doctor’s have their own private practices and they often sit in doctor’s houses (läkarhus).

Nästa dag hade vi en tid med en barnläkare för att skriva in “Det lilla livet” hos den personen. Det var det sista vi behövde fixa innan vi var helt beredda på att välkomna henne till denna värld. Inte alla sjukhus i Prag kräver att du har barnläkare, men vårt sjukhus gör det. Vi hittade en riktigt bra barnläkare som var väldigt stödjande och förstående för vår livsstil, så “det lilla livet” har nu en barnläkare för varje gång vi kommer att besöka Prag i framtiden. Här i Prag har många läkare sina egna privata mottagningar och de sitter ofta i så kallade läkarhus.

We celebrated the finalization of the documents needed for the birth with a carrot cake at our favorite café in Prague 1. Ulrika was happy but also really sad and she finally understood how hard the grief was hitting her in the evening when a long-time companion came back, stress-induced gastritis.

Vi firade slutförandet av de dokument som behövs inför födelsen med en morotskaka på vårt favoritkafé i Prag 1. Ulrika var glad, men också väldigt ledsen och hon förstod till slut hur svårt sorgen drabbade henne på kvällen när en gammal följeslagare kom tillbaka, stressinducerad magkatarr.

The following day was Ulrika’s week 40 appointment at the hospital and now the diastolic pressure was down to 80, which is a really good thing. However, Ulrika was not surprised. She had been monitoring her protein in the urea every day, still no trace of it, and she had felt that the pain in her hands and swelling had gone down. She had searched the scientific literature about nettle tea and blood pressure after her midwife’s recommendation and had found interesting articles, which made her want to at least try it. So for the 2.5 days between the two blood pressure measurements, she had been consuming a lot of nettle tea (5-6 big cups a day). If this helped we don’t know, but we do now that her blood pressure is no longer in the risk zone of developing preeclampsia.

Följande dag var det dags för Ulrikas vecka 40 besök på sjukhuset och nu var det diastoliska trycket nere på 80, vilket är en riktigt bra grej. Ulrika var dock inte förvånad. Hon hade övervakat hennes protein i urin varje dag, fortfarande inget spår av det, och hon hade känt att smärtan och svullnaden i händerna hade gått ner. Hon hade sökt igenom den vetenskapliga litteraturen om nässelte och blodtryck efter hennes barnmorskas rekommendation och hade hittat intressanta artiklar vilket gjorde att hon vill åtminstone prova det. Så de 2.5 dagarna mellan de två blodtrycksmätningarna hade hon konsumerat väldigt mycket nässelte (5-6 stora koppar om dagen).  Om detta hjälpte vet vi inte, men nu är  hennes blodtryck inte längre i riskzonen för att utveckla preeklampsi.

It was when we attached the CTG-equipment we learned about how grief can affect an unborn child. Ulrika had been really sad since Charlie’s passing and driving out to the hospital thinking about  how one life ends while another life begins was terrible. Charlie fell just before the finish line and there will forever be no period of time where both Charlie and “Det lilla livet” both inhaled the same air on this planet. There will only be a Charlie time and “Det lilla livet” time, separated by only a few days in eternity. The grief was in every part of Ulrika’s body, she could feel it and so could apparently “det lilla livet”.
Our daughter’s irregular baseline heart rate was 180 and everything above 160 is classified as tachycardia (heart beats excessively), so unless Ulrika couldn’t calm down, we would be admitted to the hospital. Grief is a stress mode where you release a lot of adrenaline in to your system and Ulrika’s increased production of adrenline made “det lilla livets” heart rate increase. This is why it is so important not to be stressed during a pregnancy.
Ulrika’s doctor was very understanding and we got two hours to drink lots of fluid, eat lunch and calm down before a second CTG would be performed.

Det var när vi satte på CTG-utrustningen som vi lärde oss om hur sorg kan påverka ett ofött barn. Ulrika hade varit väldigt ledsen sedan Charlie somnade in och när vi körde ut till sjukhuset så tänkte hon på hur ett liv slutar medan ett annat liv börjar, vilket var hemskt. Charlie föll strax före målsnöret och det kommer för alltid inte finnas någon tid där både Charlie och “Det lilla livet” andades samma luft på denna planet. Det kommer bara at finnas en Charlie-tid och “Det lilla livet” -tid, åtskilda av bara några dagar i evigheten. Sorgen fanns i hela Ulrikas kropp, hon kunde känna det och så kunde tydligen “det lilla livet”.
Vår dotters oregelbundna hjärtrytms-baslinje var 180 och allt över 160 klassificeras som takykardi (onormalt hög hjärtfrekvens), så om inte Ulrika kunde lugna ned sig, så skulle vi bli inlagda på sjukhuset. Sorg är ett stressläge där man släpper ut mycket adrenalin i systemet och Ulrikas ökade produktion av adrenalin resulterade i att “det lilla livets” hjärtfrekvens ökade. Det är därför det är så viktigt att inte stressa under en graviditet.
Ulrikas doktor var mycket förstående och vi fick två timmar på oss att dricka mycket vätska, äta lunch och lugna ner sig innan ett andra CTG skulle utföras.

The two hour away from the hospital and the realization of what Ulrika’s grief was doing to “Det lilla livet” had a positive effect. The baseline was back to a regular heartbeat of 140 and we could now go home.
Today (September 5th) is the calculated due date for “Det lilla livet” and we will not update the blog before our daughter is here.

De två timmarna utanför sjukhuset och insikten av vad Ulrikas sorg hade för effekt på “Det lilla livet” hade en positiv effekt. Baslinjen för hjärtfrekvensen var tillbaka på en stabil 140 och vi kunde nu åka hem.
Idag (5 September) är det beräknade förlossningsdatumet för “Det lilla livet” och vi kommer inte uppdatera bloggen något mer innan vår dotter är här.

In memory of Charlie pälsklingen Englund, 20061119-20180829.

Letná Park summer festival and living in the outskirts of Prague

Letná Park is the place for a circus/summer festival that has been arranged once a year since 2004. It is a two-week festival for both children and adults. During the days, children can come and watch daring performances, you need a ticket for many performances, and free open air shows. There are also other stuff going on in the festival area, e.g circus works shops and face painting. During the evenings, there are shows for older children, and adults, and all tickets can be bought online or  at a ticket booth inside the festival area.  We were there with the King family and had a nice day. We feel that we really need to plan things in to our calendar so that the days aren’t just about waiting for the birthing to start and the summer festival in Park Letná  was a pleasant pregnant-friendly activity for Ulrika.

We don’t live in the city center, our goal when we were looking for accommodation here in Prague was to find somewhere close to nature and close to the road which will take us to the hospital. We found the perfect place for us in the outskirts of Prague just next to a wonderful park, but still close to the parts of Prague we usually hang out in.

Letnáparken är platsen för en cirkus/sommarfestival som har varit en gång per år sedan 2004. Det är en tvåveckors festival för både barn och vuxna. Under dagarna kan barn komma och titta på barnvänliga föreställningar, biljett behövs oftast köpas, men även gratis “open air”-uppträdanden. Det finns också andra saker som händer i festivalområdet, tex cirkus “work shops” och ansiktsmålning. På kvällarna är det uppträdanden för äldre barn, samt vuxna, och alla biljetter kan köpas online eller i en biljettkiosk inuti festivalområdet. Vi var där med Kingfamiljen och hade en trevlig dag. Vi känner att vi verkligen behöver planera in saker i vår kalender så att dagarna inte bara handlar om att vänta på att förlossningen ska börja och detta var ett trevligt gravidvänligt nöje för Ulrika.

Vi bor inte i Prags centrum, vårt mål när vi letade efter boende här i Prag var att hitta någonstans nära naturen och nära vägen som tar oss till sjukhuset. Vi hittade det perfekta stället för oss i utkanten av Prag precis bredvid en underbar park, men fortfarande nära de områden av Prag som vi brukar hänga i.

Every year, there is a Summer Circus festival in the Letná Park and this year we went with the King kids to explore the more child friendly part of the festival.

There are plenty of things to do here for the younger kids. The merry-go-round for the youngest, which was a human-driven attraction.

and a library on wheels with lots of board games for the older children.

You also had a circus work shop and kids who put up there own performances for the adults.

There were things for the adults as well, but the main shows started in the evening. We had the boys with us so we didn’t stick around for the late shows, which had age limits not suitable for the King boys.

We went back home and Ulrika captured the King boys deep in to their books. Winston has been reading since he was really young, but Henry was not that interested in reading until last year when he decided to learn how to read by himself and now he reads a lot. We are so impressed with Henry!

We live in a really nice area in the outskirts of Prague, so we decided to have a picnic and podcast date on a hill nearby us.

We have bought bluetooth-connected speaker for the coming birth. Here we listened to “Dekonstruktiv kritik” by Aron Flam, a podcast we recently started listening to that we find really interesting.

Here is a link to Aron’s web page.

On one side of the hill, we have the city of Prague and on the other side it is just countryside and farm land.

Sheeps are walking around just around the corner from us.

and horses are having their summer camp next door.

A Czech house on the countryside.

We have several kilometers of running and walking trails in the park, some asphalted and others are forest roads.

We also have an outdoor gym, barbecue area, playground and an observatory in our park, which is great for us who really don’t like being to long in a crowded city.

However, it is not far to the city center or other parts of Prague. It takes about 45 minutes to reach our midwife using only trams. It would go even faster if we would use the metro, but we do like going on trams in Prague, the city has so much of fantastic architecture so it is a shame to go underground if you don’t need it.

Our midwife is located near the dancing house, so this is what we get to see every time we see her. Ulrika was about to enter week 40 of pregnancy and a lot of things happened during this week, which will be covered in our next blog post.

Here you can read about why we have chosen to give birth in Prague.

Worldschoolers of Prague and Edward’s first birthday

We have been meeting up with the Worldschoolers of Prague during our first month here. Our friend Caroline is one of the organizers so that is how we knew that worldschoolers even exist. Below is a quote from their homepage about what the term worldschooler means and we think that it fits our family’s description well and how we think of “homeschooling”,  a word that doesn’t give the meaning of the term justice.

“Worldschooling is basically to learn from the world. The whole world is your classroom! We dont believe that learning occurs by being forced to stay inside of a classroom. We believe in natural learning, from the world around you, together as a family.

Worldschooling is a form of “home-schooling” but doesn´t often occur in the home. Worldschoolers can or cannot follow a curriculum. Worldschoolers can be many kinds from homeschoolers that follow curriculums to radical unschoolers. It is up to the families what they do.

Worldschoolers are often travelling families that travel for a longer or shorter time. They can also be families that don´t travel but are eager to explore the world from their homes.”

We have also celebrated Edward King’s first birthday and it is interesting how much has happened during a year. We came to Prague in August last year to assist the King family during the arrival of Edward. They had planned a home birth and we where there to take care of the older brothers if they decided that they didn’t want to be there during the birth. Everything went well and Ulrika even got to be the birth photographer capturing this special moment for the King family.

Being part of and experiencing the birth of Edward was especially precious to Ulrika, who before the birth of Edward was absolutely terrified of ever giving birth to a child. After this experience, Ulrika now feel totally calm and are not afraid anymore of the thought of giving birth. It has helped a lot for the coming birth of our child, which can happen any day now.

Vi har träffat “Worldschoolers” i Prag under vår första månad här. Vår vän Caroline är en av arrangörerna, så det är på den vägen vi lärt oss att “Worldschoolers” ens existerar. Nedan följer ett översatt citat från deras hemsida om vad begreppet “Worldschooler” betyder och vi tycker att det passar vår familjs beskrivning bra och hur vi tänker på “hemskolning”, ett ord som inte ger begreppet rättvisa.

“Världsskolare (Worldschoolers) är i princip att lära av världen. Hela världen är ditt klassrum! Vi tror inte att lärande sker genom att vara tvungen att stanna inne i ett klassrum. Vi tror på naturligt lärande, från världen runt omkring dig, tillsammans som en familj.

Världsskolning är en form av “hemskolning”, men det förekommer inte ofta i hemmet. Världsskolare kan både följa en viss läroplan eller göra det helt utan någon form av läroplan. Världsskolare kan vara många typer, från hemskolare som följer läroplaner till radikala “unschoolers”. Det är upp till familjerna vad de gör.

Världsskolare är ofta familjer som reser för en längre eller en kortare tid. De kan också vara familjer som inte reser, men är angelägna om att utforska världen från sina hem.”

Vi har också firat Edward Kings första födelsedag och det är intressant hur mycket som har hänt det senaste året. Vi kom till Prag i augusti förra året för att hjälpa Kingfamiljen vid ankomsten av Edward. De hade planerat en hemfödsel och vi var där för att ta hand om de äldre bröderna utifall de bestämde sig för att inte vilja vara där under födseln. Allt gick bra och Ulrika fick till och med agera förlossningsfotograf som fångade detta speciella ögonblick för familjen.

Att vara en del av och uppleva Edwards födelse var särskilt värdefullt för Ulrika, som före Edwards födelse var jätterädd för att någonsin föda ett barn. Efter denna erfarenhet känner Ulrika sig nu helt lugn och känner sig inte längre rädd inför tanken på att föda. Det har verkligen hjälpt oss mycket inför vårt barns kommande födelse, vilket kan hända vilken dag som helst nu.

Meeting up with a bunch of Worldschoolers for the first time. (Photo by: Caroline King)

Ulrika and our child got an examination by a possible future midwife, who had brought her own midwife equipment, during week 37 of pregnancy. (Photo by: Caroline King)

August has been incredible hot here in Prague so the meetings have mostly involved playing in water, here in Park Stromovka. (Photo by: Caroline King)

The worldschooler meet up at lake Džbán, a really kid-friendly facility where the adults pay an entrance fee (90 CZK) and the kids go in for free. (Photo by: Caroline King)

There are a lot of things to do here for both kids and adults.

They even have a small baby pool. (Photo by: Caroline King)

We have also been involved in science projects indoors – here separating oxygen and hydrogen by electrolysis with excited kids watching the tubes filling with gas.

Prague is a great place for worldschoolers. There are so much things you and your kids can do from Science and sports to arts and crafts. There are events and workshops happening all the time here in Prague, so it is just up to what your child is interested in.

Edward’s first birthday was coming up so we where invited to a small birthday picnic to celebrate that Edward has been around for one year. The place was going to be Park Stromovka, which is an awesome park to spend a day in. especially when you are in week 38 of pregnancy.

Caroline had prepared a birthday cake.

And Edward got a lot of help blowing out his candle from his older brothers Winston and Henry.

Edward also got help to open his birthday gifts.

A few friends came to celebrate Edward. Suzanna has experience giving birth at the hospital we finally chose and we met with them the last time we where here to get information about Rakovnik hospital. It helped us hearing about her experiences, which in the end convinced us to choose Rakonvik. It was nice meeting them again on Edward’s birthday picnic to be able to update them on how we have solved our birthing plans. Now it is just about waiting for our child to enter the world.

Week 38 pregnancy update and blowing up the Stalin monument

Week 38 of pregnancy and we have installed ourselves here in Prague, it is here that we have decided to welcome our child. We are almost prepared for the coming birth, so we now have to plan small adventures or things to do so we don’t end up spending our days just waiting for the birthing to start.
We love Prague – the nature, the bitcoin-friendly atmosphere and the nice food cultures here, so we try to keep ourselves occupied, but within Ulrika’s energy level. Her energy level has really sunken this week, but more about being week 38 pregnant below. 

Vecka 38 av graviditeten och vi har installerat oss i Prag, det är här som vi har bestämt oss för att välkomna vårt barn. Nästan alla förberedelser inför den kommande födelsen är klara, så vi måste nu planera in små äventyr eller hitta på saker att göra så vi inte spenderar våra dagar med att bara vänta på att födseln ska börja.
Vi älskar Prag – naturen, den bitcoinvänliga atmosfären och de goda matkulturerna här, så vi försöker fylla dagarna, dock inom Ulrikas energinivå. Hennes energinivå har verkligen sjunkit den här veckan, men mer om att vara vecka 38 gravid nedan.

Week 38 of pregnancy and here we are in the Letna Park getting a nice view over a few of the bridges of Prague. Ulrika is trying not to fall in to the period of waiting, so we try to do small adventures those days Ulrika is feeling less tired.

There is a metronom, usually swinging from side to side, now standing in the middle of Letna Park after they blew up a 15 meter tall Stalin monument in 1962.

The Stalin monument during Czech Communism’s glory days. This is one of the reasons why we like the Czech Republic so much. A lot of people still remember those days and do not want to go back there. (Picture from Wiki Commons)

So Ulrika entered week 38 of pregnancy and we decided to go skin deep to document this pregnancy. Ulrika feels strong and beautiful, but a special form of fatigue has hit her. The scale says that she has gained 16 kg (35 pounds), but she doesn’t feel heavy yet. Her extremities, mostly her feet, have started to swell, but the blood pressure is good.  Baby’s heartbeat sounded healthy at our week 38 appointment with our midwife and the baby’s head is now in a downward position, but not quite fixated yet. We see our midwife once a week now the last couple of weeks before the calculated date of birth (September 3rd).

We don’t want to end up in a bubble of just waiting for our daughter’s arrival, then it is going to feel like forever before she is here, so we are fortunate to have our friends here, the King family. (Picture by: Caroline King).

Prague doesn’t have a lot of natural lakes, so man-made lakes are the place to go if you want to cool off during hot summer days. The temperature has been insane here in Prague as well, most days reaching temperatures over 35C.

Prague has a big Vietnamese community from the time where communist countries used to force their citizens to expatriate to other communist countries. We really like the Vietnamese cuisine, especially Pho Bo (Vietnamese beef noodle soup), so I’m glad that the Vietnamese community choose to stay in the Czech Republic after the fall of communism here.

Our midwife is located right in the middle of the tourist parts of Prague, so it can be hard to find nice food places, but our midwife told us about a lovely restaurant (Styl&Interier) in her neighborhood, which was hidden away in a back yard, where we could have lunch after a long appointment with her.

But mostly, we cook our meals at home and there are those little things Ulrika appreciates, like when Pontus has decorated our dinner (mashed turnips with fish in oven) with nicely cut out flowers made from a radish. Or that we have an IKEA nearby where we can buy Kalles Kaviar and hard rye bread.

We have done the last shopping needed before the coming birth here in Prague. This is another thing we really like about Prague, it is really a bitcoin-friendly city. There are around 14 two-way bitcoin ATM’s  just in and around the Prague area, so it is easy to get the local currency if you can’t pay directly with bitcoin.

Here is a map showing the location of all btc ATM’s in and around Prague, both one- and two-ways,

And some days Ulrika hasn’t even wanted to step outside, so she has finally finished her crochet project, creating a warm blanket for “det lilla livet”. Ulrika is not in to arts and crafts, and she hasn’t tried to crochet since the days of high school, but it is remarkable how much information you can get out of Youtube. Ulrika had an idea of what she wanted to create and five Youtube videos (and a number of hours crocheting) later “det lilla livet” now has a blanket.

Why we have chosen to give birth in Prague

We have decided to welcome our child here in the Czech Republic after months of research. Our research started with the whole world and ended with Prague in Czech Republic. The reasons behind this can be summed up in a few sentences

  • It is our first child so we decided to be in Europe, it is a bit closer to our families compared to Asia and Central America.
  • We looked for good quality medical services which was covered by Ulrika’s maternity insurance.
  • We wanted to either be really close to Sweden, but not in Sweden, or have a community surrounding us (Tallinn, Prague and Malta was added to our list)
  • We wanted to be able to have private options, especially when it came to midwifes. (Lissabon was added to our list)
  • Prague became our main choice mainly due to that we have our good friends the King family here. They have already gone through giving birth to a child here and they have connections that we could use.
  • The Czech Republic has one of the world’s lowest maternal mortality rates and they also have a good prenatal care.
  • It’s cheap to give birth here, about six times cheaper than Sweden and you get a lot for the money here. For example, you can have a private midwife and the hospital you choose is actually the hospital you are going to give birth at. This is not you what you can expect giving birth in for instance, Sweden.
  • The final argument to give birth in Prague was when the speaker list of this year’s version of Hacker’s Congress was released and we managed to get tickets to it.

Vi har beslutat att välkomna vårt barn här i Tjeckien efter månader av efterforskning. Vi utgick från hela världen och det  slutade med Prag i Tjeckien. Anledningen till detta kan sammanfattas med några få meningar

  • Det är vårt första barn så vi bestämde oss för att vara i Europa, det är lite närmare till våra familjer jämfört med Asien och Centralamerika.
  • Vi letade efter högkvalitativa medicinska tjänster och som täcktes av Ulrikas graviditetsförsäkring.
  • Vi ville antingen vara riktigt nära Sverige, men inte i Sverige, eller ha en grupp av frihetliga vänner som omger oss (Tallinn, Prag och Malta lades till på vår lista)
  • Vi ville ha privata alternativ, särskilt när det gäller barnmorskor. (Lissabon lades till vår lista)
  • Prag blev vårt främsta val på grund av att vi har våra goda vänner, familjen King här. De har redan gått igenom att föda ett barn här och de har kontakter som vi kan använda.
  • Tjeckien har en av de lägsta mödradödlighetsiffrorna i världen och väldigt bra neonatalvård.
  • Det är billigt att föda här, ungefär sex gånger billigare än Sverige och du får väldigt mycket för pengarna här. Exempelvis kan du ha privat barnmorska och sjukhuset du väljer är faktiskt det sjukhus som du kommer föda på. Det är något du inte kan förvänta dig när du föder i till exempel Sverige.
  • Det sista argumentet för att föda i Prag var när talarlistan av årets version av Hacker’s Congress släpptes och vi lyckades få biljetter till det.

The hospital we have chosen is located outside Prague – there are at least seven different maternity hospitals that we have found in and around Prague and some have better reputation than others. From the expat community here in Prague, three hospitals stood out (Rakovnik, Neratovice and Horovice) as being the most woman-friendly where birthing a child to a large extent is not looked  upon as a medical problem and where the “assembly line”-principle is not applied.

Another important thing for Ulrika was to have her own private midwife, who she can get to know before the delivery and be sure that the person who is going to be responsible for the birth has good knowledge about birthing techniques and has the personality that is complementary to Ulrika.  All this can be found in Prague, there is a big market for private midwifes and doulas here, and we were fortunate to have contacts that could help us find a good midwife.

Sjukhuset som vi har valt ligger utanför Prag – det finns minst sju olika förlossningssjukhus som vi hittat i och runt Prag och vissa sjukhus har ett bättre rykte än andra. Från “Expat”-gruppen här i Prag fick vi veta att tre sjukhus stod ut (Rakovnik, Neratovice och Horovice) som de mest kvinnovänliga sjukhusen där en födsel till stor del inte betraktas som ett medicinskt problem och löpandebandprincipen inte tillämpas

En annan viktig sak för Ulrika var att ha sin egen privata barnmorska, som hon kan lära känna innan förlossningen och vara säker på att personen som ska vara ansvarig för födelsen har goda kunskaper om förlossningstekniker, samt har en personlighet som är komplementär till Ulrika. Detta går att hitta i Prag, det finns en stor marknad för privata barnmorskor och doulas här, och vi hade tur att ha kontakter som kunde hjälpa oss att hitta en bra barnmorska.

Marketa is showing us one of two birthing rooms at the hospital.

Marketa is our midwife and she works part time at one of the top ranked hospitals (by the expat community) around Prague, and she was the one who could get us in to the most popular one Rakovnik. All hospitals here works differently, most require you to do a pre-registration at twelve weeks of pregnancy and some as late as week 36. Our hospital was of the first kind, but our midwife works here so we could do the pre-registration at week 28 when we where in Prague last time (in June). We got a guided tour around the hospital and Marketa went through step by step what happens here during birthing and what options Ulrika has.

Ulrika’s Czech midwife has worked 15 years as a midwife in a natural birthing center in Australia so she speaks excellent English and is also very knowledgeable about alternatives to both pharmacological pain relief and routine C-sections due to breech positioning.  In some hospitals in Prague, you’re not even allowed to choose the birthing position, but here you can even choose to give birth in a pool. This hospital suits our midwife the best and we hope that it will suit us too.

Marketa är vår barnmorska och hon arbetar deltid på en av de högst rankade sjukhusen (enligt expatgruppen) runt Prag, och hon var den som kunde ta oss in på det populäraste av dem Rakovnik. Alla sjukhus fungerar olika, de flesta kräver att du gör en förregistrering vid vecka tolv av graviditeten och några så sent som i vecka 36. Vårt sjukhus är av den första sorten, men vår barnmorska jobbar här så vi kunde göra förregistreringen i vecka 28 när vi var i Prag förra gången (i juni). Vi fick en guidad tur runt sjukhuset och Marketa gick igenom steg för steg vad som händer här under födseln och vilka alternativ som Ulrika har.

Ulrikas tjeckiska barnmorska har arbetat 15 år som barnmorska i ett naturligt födelsecenter i Australien så hon talar utmärkt engelska och är också mycket kunnig om alternativ till både farmakologisk smärtlindring och rutin kejsarsnitt på grund av sätesbjudning. På vissa sjukhus i Prag får du inte ens välja födelseposition själv, men här kan du till och med välja att föda i en pool. Detta sjukhus passar vår barnmorska bäst och vi hoppas att det passar oss också.

Our hospital requires a week 36 examination to be completely registered for birth here, so that was why we needed to be in Prague before Ulrika entered week 36. Our midwife met us at the hospital and went through important hospital policy documents and did the CTG-monitoring (a procedure where you monitor the baby’s heartbeat for a longer time). We also did an ultrasound and the last blood work and other tests Ulrika needed to do before the birth. We got to see one of the doctors working at the maternity ward and filling in all the necessary data in Ulrika’s journal.

Our midwife is the one who takes care of Ulrika and all the necessary check ups the last weeks of the pregnancy and she is the one we will call when the delivery starts. She will be the one handling the delivery at the hospital with doctors standing by, if an acute situation would occur, and she will also be handling the postnatal care and do home visits after the birth.

Vår sjukhus kräver en undersökning vid vecka 36 för att man ska vara helt registrerad för födelse här. Därför behövde vi vara i Prag innan Ulrika gick in i vecka 36. Vår barnmorska träffade oss på sjukhuset och gick igenom viktiga policy dokument från sjukhuset och gjorde CTG- mätning (en metod där man övervakar barnets hjärtslag under längre tid). Vi gjorde också ett ultraljud och de sista blodtesterna och andra test som Ulrika behövde göra före födseln. Vi träffade en av de läkare som arbetar på förlossningsavdelningen och fick fylla i alla nödvändiga uppgifter i Ulrikas journal.

Vår barnmorska är den som tar hand om Ulrika, barnet och alla veckokontroller de sista veckorna av graviditeten och hon är den vi ska ringa till när förlossningen startar. Hon kommer att vara den som är ansvarig för förlossningen på sjukhuset där läkare står “stand by”, om en akut situation skulle inträffa, och hon kommer också att hantera eftervården och göra hembesök efter födseln.

Everything looked great and our girl has not been fixated yet, but she is head down at the moment.
A link to the brochure about creating a positive birth experience and knowing your rights in the Czech Republic can be found here. It is a very important document which can also be found in Czech, Russian, Vietnamese and Romani.

Allt såg bra ut och vår flicka har ännu inte fixerat sig, men hon har huvudet nedåt just nu.
En länk till broschyren om att skapa en positiv födelseupplevelse och att veta dina rättigheter i Tjeckien finner du här. Det är ett mycket viktigt dokument som även finns på tjeckiska, ryska, vietnamesiska och romska.

Prague – Křivoklát castle, Libertarians and Bitcoin

We were back in Prague with a busy schedule. It was going to be intensive days with the King family, Křivoklát castle, libertarians, meetings and just enjoying being in a bitcoin-friendly environment
The King family are close friends to us and we enjoy going on adventures with them. This time they showed us the Křivoklát castle located in Křivoklátsko Protected Landscape Area. There is a small premium enclave here in Prague so we wanted to meet up with them as well. Our days here in Prague were so busy so Ulrika actually had to make a schedule for our time here so we didn’t double-book anything. 

Vi var tillbaka i Prag med ett ganska fullt schema. Det skulle bli intensiva dagar med Kingfamiljen, slottet Křivoklát, libertarianer, viktiga möten, samt bara njuta av att vara i en bitcoin-vänlig miljö.
Kingfamiljen är nära vänner till oss och vi gillar att komma ut på äventyr med dem. Den här gången visade de oss slottet Křivoklát som ligger i “Křivoklátsko Protected Landscape Area”. Det finns också en liten premium-enklav här i Prag så vi ville träffa dem också. Våra dagar här i Prag var faktiskt så intensiva att Ulrika var tvungen att göra ett schema för vår tid här så att vi inte dubbelbokade något.

Prague is a place that we keep returning to. This time around, the King family took us to Křivoklát Castle – a 13th century castle one hour outside of Prague.

The whole crew inside the castle.

They have a medieval setting in the court yard where we could try shooting with crossbows.

We could choose between different crossbows, even modern ones were available.

We took a look around before we went for a trekking in the surrounding landscape. Křivoklát Castle is located in Křivoklátsko Protected Landscape Area, an area with rich biodiversity.

Caroline snapped a pregnancy photo of Ulrika – here just before entering week 29. (Photo by: Caroline King)

Usually we don’t end up in the same picture, so it was nice to have Caroline take one of us! (Photo by: Caroline King)

Near Křivoklát Castle lies Roztoky, a small city surrounded by forrests, rivers and mountains.

Remnants of the Soviet era are still present and it creates a spectacular contrast to the life-fullness of the surrounding nature.

Our goal was to hike to a waterfall that ended up being really small, but we had a fantastic day anyway with the King family.

There are a lot of blood sucking insects in Czech Republic nature, both ticks and deer flies were trying to get a meal from us. Pontus found this tick on him a few days after our hike even though we carefully checked ourselves after the hike.

It is nice that the older King boys feel comfortable enough with both Pontus and Ulrika, so we can look after them. Pontus spent a couple of hours playing with them while we other grown ups had different missions – Thank you Caroline for helping Ulrika with finding appropriate clothes 🙂

Henry has a special taste in clothes and he loves his suit – we think he looks awesome!

It is also interesting to come visit an unschooling family and see what kind of projects they are working on. Arduino is the focus right now and it seems to be a great education tool for children (and adults). Arduino is an open-source electronic prototyping platform and the purpose is to enable users to create interactive electronic objects – robots in other words.

We had a really busy week in Prague, but we could manage to attend a meet up while we where here. We invited our newly found Llbertarian Australian friend to join the Swedish enclave here in Prague. (Photo by: Caroline King)

Our main reason for coming back to Prague is the bitcoin-friendly environment and the cryptoanarchy hub found here. This two-way bitcoin ATM was found in one of the local malls here in Prague, so it is so easy to exchange to the local currency here. There are also places in Prague where you can pay with cryptocurrencies directly.

we found this poster at our favorite place in Prague, Parallelni Polis, which shows the organic growth of the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency communities in the world.

Our time in Prague went really fast so it was a bit sad to say good bye to the King family for this time. Thank you Caroline an Paul for all your help and advice we got from you this week! We are grateful for having you and your children as friends.

We needed to head to Sweden for important family things and celebration of love, so we tried a new way of getting to Sweden. We took the ferry from Rostock to Trelleborg and it was a smooth and cheap way to get from Germany to Sweden. We can really recommend this route!

We found the best slogan ever for an invest company on one of the trucks doing the same journey as us – “Putting capital to work in Southeast Europe”

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