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Diving around the Gili Islands – throwback to the end of April

Ulrika has finally edited our diving movies from the Gili Islands, so here is a throwback to the end of April when Ulrikas family decided to join our adventure in Indonesia. Gili Air was our first stop and it was also here we where diving. Crystal clear water and a lot of marine life – Gili Islands is a great diving spot according to us! 

Ulrika har äntligen redigerat våra dykfilmer från Giliöarna, så här är en tillbakablick till i slutet av april när Ulrikas familj bestämde sig för att följa med på vårt äventyr i Indonesien. Gili Air var vårt första stopp och det var också här vi ägnade oss åt dykning. Kristallklart vatten och mycket marint liv – Giliöarna är en bra dykplats enligt oss!

This time looking back to the end of April when we visited the Gili Islands, or Gili Air to be precise.

Ulrikas family were with us and it was here Ulrikas sister broke the news that a new family member is coming. That’s why she couldn’t follow us to the dive sites.

Ulrika, Pontus and Mats dived with the 7seas dive center on Gili Air and we can highly recommend them. We had an awesome time together with them 🙂 Below are four dive movies from around the Gili Islands.

On our first dive next to Gil Trawangan we saw our first tiny ribbon eel, also known as the leaf-nosed moray eel or bernis eel!

Mats followed us to our second dive site, called Turtle heaven, and this dive site really lives up to its name!

Our third dive was a wreck dive, but we only got a few minutes around the wreck because of the strong current that suddenly appeared. The dive turned into a drift dive and we realized why when we came to the surface and saw the wall of rain coming from the sky. We got picked up by another boat, because we drifted so far that we were no way near our dive boat.

Fourth and last dive was next to Gili Meno and with much nicer weather than our third dive.

Maja and Mats next to the beach of Gili air with Lombok in the background.
It was nice to snorkle around Gili air, we got to see a white frogfish here that we recorded with our GoPro.

We’re getting closer to be up to date with our blog now when all our dive movies are edited and published. We are back on track again and next will be about saying goodbye to the King family in Prague and unschooling, stay tuned!


  1. Caroline King

    Frogfish – är det som stenfisk ungefär? Vad har ni filmat med? Funderar på om man ska skaffa en eller låna en kamera nästa gång.

    • Ulrika

      Frogfish tillhör familjen Marulkartade fiskar eller Anglerfish på engelska (det engelska ordet beskriver familjen bättre tycker jag). Vi använder en GoPro-kamera, en gammal variant (Hero3+), men den funkar lika bra ändå. Har också ett rött filter för blåare vatten, som filtrerar bort det blåa.

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